University Name Badges

The immense responsibilities that come with running a school or university are unpredictable and demanding. You need to be there for your current students, while also engaging prospective students and their parents. With so much at stake it is important to remember every little detail, especially the impactful ones, such as university name badges. Name badges work to build your university’s brand identity, elevate the level of student engagement, and increase your school’s security.

Consider the following reasons for adding name badges to your university uniforms today.

University Name Badges

University Name Badges

Whether you’re working with current or prospective students, positive student engagement is extremely important. Prospective students and parents are about to make a huge decision and many current students are on their own for the first time, so your ability to help will go a long way. A university name badge makes employees more approachable and lets people know you’re there to assist them.


Schooling requires a huge investment from students and parents, both with time and money. This creates an expectation of a high level of professionalism, which begins with the appearance of your employees. University name badges are an immediate indication of professionalism, as well as a reminder to your employees that they are representing your school.

In most cases it can be hard to find something that markets your school and elevates engagement at the same time. Yet name badges will do just that. Students, parents, administrators, and employees all win. Adding this small detail could be the best investment your school ever makes.


Many college and university employees work with sensitive data, not to mention that student needs are often immediate and unpredictable. Name badges add a level of security by indicating to students and fellow employees that you have proper permission and access to perform your duties.

Students may only spend four years at your university, but your impact lasts a lifetime. For more information on university name badges, see Name Badges International today.