Your Options For Name Badges

Name badges perform a vital function in any work environment – they introduce employees to clients. In a way, it is important to pick the right style and design for name badges. More often than not, these can be an effective form of marketing as well. Given the importance of these features, it’s understandable that you’d carefully consider your choices in name badges before making a purchase.

Of course, you’ve seen different types and styles of name badges in the market today, especially if you’ve used Name Badges International before. You need to know what options are best for your company’s design and aesthetic.

Your Options For Name Badges

Prestige Plastic Name Badges

You want something that gives your company an edge in the marketplace and impresses your clients from the moment they see it. Name badges that are high quality and have vivid colors would instantly catch the eye of a client. Custom printed name badges leave a lasting impression. It is worth the investment to get the best name tags out there.

Prestige plastic name badges are made from high quality plastic and don’t scratch or fade easily. Their durability also makes it a better long-term financial decision. Since they’d last longer, you won’t need to replace them often.

Executive Metal Name Badges

Again, durability is a motivating factor in buying metal name tags. They last much longer than the plastic ones and look appealing too. Metals give the name tags a sleek and modern look that might fit in well with your company’s design aesthetic.

More than that, Executive metal name badges give an impression of quality. While these badges are very reasonably priced, your clients will feel that you went the extra mile and spent more. It would say something about the prosperity and success of your company.

Standard Name Badges

Perhaps you don’t wish to spend too much on the name badges; that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice design and quality. Most standard name badges are available in a wide variety of designs and color options.

Standard name badges are just as reliable without the extra costs.

Regardless of the type of name badge you choose, Name Badges International is here to help with your order. Give us a call at at 1-877-422-0624 or email our team at for yours today.