Why We Use Prestige Plastic Name Badges

Imagine this: You’re in the last week of preparation for the biggest event of the year. You’ve gone through your checklist many times, but in the end you realize you’ve forgotten one very important thing: name badges. You need professional-looking name badges, durable enough to withstand travel and activity, inexpensive enough to fit into the budget you’ve already blown, and they need to be in your hands within the week.

At Name Badges International, you can get custom plastic name badges in just a few days. We give you plenty of time to create your own design, customize the look, and you can actually afford them. Here is why we use Prestige plastic name badges.  

Whether you’re pressed for time or simply looking for the best solution, Name Badges International gives you the most options for customization and design.

Why We Use Prestige Plastic Name Badges

What You Get With Name Badges International

When you order badges through Name Badges International, you have two routes you can take. Prestige plastic name badges or Standard name badges. Both have benefits and showcase different features, but there are some important things you get no matter which style you choose:

  • Full custom color printing of logos and text
  • Wide range of background colors and font options
  • Scratch and fade proof finish
  • No design fees, setup fees, or hidden fees
  • Fast turnaround times

Sizing Name Badges

If you need a quick order for classic-sized badges, Standard name badges are exactly what you’re looking for. All Standard badges are made in the exact same size, so there is no need to make a sizing decision.

If you want variety or a chance to test out different looks, Prestige name badges offer four different sizes. This not only provides a fresh, new look, but enables you to fit additional information on your name badges.

Border or No Border

All Prestige plastic name badges have the option of choosing between six different border colors (white, black, blue, green, red, and maroon). These borders frame your design and help to showcase your logo or company.

Standard name badges are designed to make your order process simple, so they are all borderless. This means you don’t have to take time to match colors or make more decisions.

Metallic Background Options

Regardless of your name badge choice, you will be able to customize the background color to fit your logo or design. This will help your badge to stand out against clothing and ensure that your design pops from the name badge.

When you opt for Prestige plastic name badges, you have the option of a silver or gold metallic background, which takes your badges to a whole new level. These backgrounds are perfect for executives or high-end brands that need an extra touch to stand out.

The best part of these name badges is that you are in control of the design process from start to finish. All of your customizations are included in the cost, so you know what you are paying for upfront. And with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, you can have your name badges on your desk within a week. With so many benefits, there’s nothing NOT to love about these plastic name badges!