When to Use Reusable Name Badges

Name badges ensure that your clients know who’s available to help them and in what capacity. Whether it’s a corporate environment, retail, or any business in between, badges are indispensable in the workplace. They also provide necessary branding to distinguish your company from the competition.

Reusable name badges are a favorite among businesses for many reasons. They’re shipped with special card inserts so you can print employee names from the office computer. Once printed, names can be swapped out anytime. Managers and other employees can then reuse the badges by reprinting names as many times as they want. Here’s what a typical reusable badge looks like:

When to Use Reusable Name Badges

Reusable Name Badges: Benefits

So how do you decide when to use reusable badges?

Employees frequently lose or forget their name tags. When this happens, replacing name badges repeatedly over time can become expensive. This is especially true if you offer personalized or premium employee badges with first and last names. Instead, anyone can wear reusable name badges. Simply order in bulk whenever needed. When someone loses their badge, the employee can pick from a box of extras. All they need to do is reprint their name. It’s an incredible easy fix.

More than any other type of badge, these are a perfect fit for companies that hire temporary, seasonal, or part-time employees. Think about grocery stores, internship positions, or gift shops. It’s also ideal for businesses with high turnover. This includes retail, hospitality, and more.

Are you ready to order your reusable name badges? Name Badges International is a partner company that includes pre-perforated card inserts with your order. They will run through your existing office printer, whether it’s an inkjet or laser printer. Best of all, there’s no costly printers or software to buy. For more information, give them a call or go to their website for your first order.