What Should Your Name Badge Say?

Do you know what to put on your name badge? While there are no specific requirements for wearing name badges in a professional setting, there are some best practices you can put into place. The team at Name Badges International has put together a list of things to take into consideration when placing text on your name badge.

What Should Your Name Badge Say

What to Put on Your Name Badge

  • Is your business more formal or casual? This will determine whether you want to include your first and last name, first name and title, or all three. Are your employees are okay with clients calling them by their first name or their title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)?
  • Does your name badge have enough room for everything you want to display? (Logo, name of company, the person’s name and their job title, etc.) If not, you may want to opt for a larger design.
  • Do you simply want to include a title instead of a name? Many companies order a large number of badges with a logo and a generic title. They often choose this option to save money on reordering in the future.
  • Many companies have a formal written policy designating which information should be included. This allows everyone’s name badges to look similar for better consistency. Check with your HR representative before finalizing the design.

It’s important that your provider has plenty of options to choose from. Name Badges International offers many variations of badges so you can personalize them as much as you want. Begin your custom order today.