How Your Business Can Use Name Badges

Today, most employees use and wear name badges, depending on the industry they work in. They are known to increase customer engagement as well as brand popularity. 

If you weren’t aware, name badges contain details such as a person’s name, title, and company name. They can also include optional details such as a logo or tagline. Name badges are beneficial not just for branding, but for helping customers locate the right person at the right time. Here’s how your business can use name badges.

How Your Business Can Use Name Badges

About Name Badges

Companies of all sizes use name badges in one way or another. In fact, people in different departments might have different types of name badges. This can sometimes help bridge the communication gap with others.

The most common type of name badges are ones with a pin backing, or a magnet backing. Both are useful in the workplace. Many people may not know this, but the best way to wear a name badge is on the right side of their shirt or blouse. This is the easiest way to wear it, where others can see it clearly.

Types of Name Badges

There are many styles of name badges for the office, depending on your preference. For instance, reusable name badges are perfect for companies that frequently hire temporary employees. That’s because these name badges have name printed out on reusable paper inserts.

More permanent employees can use magnetic or pin name badges. Sometimes the pin backing can damage articles of clothing. This is why magnetic name badges tend to be a bit more popular.

Finally, there are metal or plastic name badge options. While both are very professional looking, metal name badges are preferred because they last much longer.

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