What Is a Name Tag?

Name tags have been used for decades as a way to identify ourselves. From our earliest days of school until we reach the workforce, we’ve all experienced the magic of a name tag at work. But what started as magic markers and stickers has developed into sophisticated forms of identification. So aside from displaying your name, what exactly is a name tag?

What Is a Name Tag

Name Tags Connect You to Clients

Not only is it important for customers to know your name, but they also need to know you are someone they can go to for help. When you wear a name badge, you are telling others that you are there to answer questions, point someone in the right direction, or provide a valuable recommendation. It is the most basic and important form of customer service that you can provide your patrons.

Name Tags Show Your Professionalism

When you wear a name tag, you’re showing customers and clients that you care about the details. You didn’t just roll out of bed and come to work. You thought about the best way to serve your customers and you put their needs first. The way you present yourself is the best indication of the quality of your work and your name tag is the greatest indication of that.

Name Tags are an Extension of Your Brand

When everyone at your company is wearing the same name tag, it provides critical brand unity and is one of the best (and easiest) ways to promote your company. When a customer is supported by your employee, they will not only remember the name of the employee, they will also remember the brand and company they were associated with.

In today’s marketplace, a name tag is so much more than just an introduction. It is an invaluable connection to your customer, a cost effective security measure, a serious sign of professionalism, and a powerful extension of your brand identity. Without a name tag, you lose a competitive edge and limit your reach. With a name tag, you open up endless potential for your brand, your company, and most importantly your customers.