The 4 Things You Need to Know to Select the Best Trade Show Name Badge

Nearly every occupation can make use of a name badge. Not only do they benefit current client relationships, they bridge the communication gap with prospective clients as well. This is especially true at trade shows, conferences, or any live event where you’ll be making new professional connections.

A trade show name badge has details such as company name, logo, and title, ensuring your name won’t soon be forgotten. It’s especially helpful at a show or conference where clients are meeting dozens of people a day. They may not necessarily remember the names of everyone they met. A name badge separates your brand from the competition and allows people to recall your brand a little easier.

The 4 Things You Need to Know to Select the Best Trade Show Name Badge

Choosing the Right Trade Show Name Badge

Depending on the industry, you will want name tags for mid-level employees such as Marketing and Sales teams. In fact, anyone who’s in charge of the booth, or meeting people on the floor, will want to use name badges. Event organizers and convention center employees should also wear them in case their services are needed. As long as the name badges are consistent in look and feel, there shouldn’t be any problem with choosing the right trade show name badge. Your options include:

  • Prestige Name Badges: comes in a choice of sizes and border colors to help match your branding.
  • Standard Name Badges: the most budget friendly and customizable option.
  • Shape Name Badges: this has an oval or oval top that allows more space for a logo or design.
  • Reusable Name Badges: personalize name badges in house with just a standard printer.
  • Large Name Badges: this size is ideal for trade shows so businesses can set themselves apart from competitors.
  • Metal Name Badges: the most premium, professional badges that work best with suits and jackets.

As for the backing, you have the option of using a magnet or a pin. A magnet is far less likely to damage the material in a shirt, while the pin is a more cost-friendly option.

For more information about making the most of your trade show name badge, take a look at Name Badges International. There are no setup fees, no minimums, and they offer quick turnaround times, which means you can visit trade shows and conferences fully prepared.