If You’re in These Industries, You Need Reusable Name Badges

If you’re in an industry that relies on customer service, there’s one thing you can’t go without. Name badges open up the door for conversation and make your teams at work more cohesive. And if your business experiences regular turnover, your best option is to invest in reusable name badges.

Name Badges International offers Reusable name badges that give you the opportunity to improve the appearance of your team. Not only that, they help provide all the customer service benefits you’re looking for without the need to purchase a new badge every time someone new joins your team. While reusable name badges can work just about anywhere, they have specific benefits for the following industries.

If You're in These Industries, You Need Reusable Name Badges

Using Reusable Name Badges

  • Restaurants: these name badges are great for bars and restaurants to help manage the costs of high turnover rates. Not only that, they’re easy to clean. And when you’re working around food, nothing is more important than customer service and cleanliness.
  • Grocery stores: One great perk of reusable name badges is that you can easily change the name on a badge to reflect a specific position. This is great when employees rotate specific duties, as is often the case in grocery stores.
  • Seasonal shops: If your store is only open part of the year, you are bound to have a certain amount of turnover and name badges help to combat that issue. Even if you have loyal employees that return year after year, the cost to reprint their name is negligible.
  • Retail locations: Retail locations are notorious for high turnover. They also have one of the highest needs for impeccable customer service, so name tags are a must. By investing in reusable name badges, you can save money by avoiding the replacement cost of regular name badges.
  • Cruise lines: Cruise lines face two issues, seasonality and a need for cleanliness. Name badges are perfect because they are easier to clean than disposable name badges. They also do not have to be repurchased every time there’s a new employee.

For your reusable name badges, contact our team at Name Badges International. We offer Reusable name badges as the best option for companies that need to watch their costs, but not at the expense of great customer service. When costs and customer service both matter, reusable name badges without a doubt provide the best return on your investment.