Name Badges vs. Identity Cards

The idea of name badges and identity cards have been around for years. Because of this, there are many different types with many different uses of each. Most commonly, name badges and identity cards are issued in the workplace or at an office setting. Now they’re being seen elsewhere, such as conferences, trade shows, networking events, and more.

So when should you use a name badge, and when should you use an identity card? The team at Name Badges International has put together a short guide to knowing when to use and wear each.

Name Badges vs. Identity Cards

Name badges are similar to identity cards in the way that they serve the purpose of identification. Generally, they both can state a person’s name, title, and the company they work with. However, there are key differences between the two.

Like their counterparts, name badges are found throughout many industries and fields of work. Generally employees of any firm will be obligated to abide by a certain dress code. This dress code which often includes the use of name badges. For example, walk into any bank and chances are every teller and bank official will be wearing a name badge. The same goes for hotels. It is very common to find every employee, regardless of ranking or department, wearing a name badge.

Because of this need, there are companies that specialize in the production and sales of name badges in particular. Customers have the opportunity to choose between either metal or plastic badges depending on their preferences. They can also choose various shapes. They can be classified as permanent or temporary. Permanent name badges are those that can only be used by the particular individual whose information appears on the badge itself.

Temporary alternatives are more flexible and can be customized for various individuals and situations. For example, some come with perforated slips of paper you can customize in-house with an individual’s information depending on who is meant to wear the badge.This information does not have to be an individual’s name, but can be customized for any information necessary. This can include a person’s job title as well as any relevant company information. Backings are also another differentiating factor as name badges have a variety of options for one to choose from.

While both identity cards and name badges are used for the purposes of identifying individuals, many differences do exist between the two that could ultimately result in the use of name badges being more lucrative for any business looking to invest in either one.