How Name Badges Improve Customer Service

In today’s market, there are three types of name badges available in the workplace: paper, plastic, and metal. All three have their own distinct features which makes them suitable for different circumstances.

Paper name badges are for more informal functions. for example, a casual get together. Plastic name badges are lighter and reusable, which is helpful for a number of jobs. Metal name badges are far more professional than the others. These are for high-end positions and industries. Learn more about name badges and how they relate to customer service below.

How Name Badges Improve Customer Service

Improving the Customer Experience

A recent study conducted by an organization called Shopping Anonymous in UK, Australia, and New Zealand found that customers felt they received better customer service at firms where employees used name badges. Customers felt that knowing the name of the person made the experience more personal.

Suppose you are a regular customer at a store and you work with the same person every time you visit. It can be quite an embarrassment if you forget that person’s name. Name badges are a big help in these types of situations. More than that, name badges help people differentiate between a customer and employee where there is no strict dress code.

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