How to Implement a Name Badge Policy

Have you just realized the benefits of having name badges for your company? Implementing a name badge policy might also be a good idea. This is because some employees have gotten accustomed to a certain uniform or look since they joined your company and as a result, you may face some push back.

Discontented employees are not good for the general health of your company. To keep them happy, you need to introduce the idea of name badges. These policy guidelines can help ease the process.

How to Implement a Name Badge Policy

Name Badge Policy Guidelines

Before you order name badges, understand how your employees feel about them. You can begin with a simple survey, or send out a newsletter explaining why name badges will have a positive effect on employees and clients. Be open to questions. If concerns arise, be sure to address every one. You might be surprised to find that the response to open communication is generally positive. When employees understand the reasons for implementing name badges at the workplace, they are more likely to be more receptive.

Next allow teams to become a part of the process. Get their feedback for name badge designs and how they want their names displayed. Decide on the right materials together. Metal, plastic, magnetic, pin… there are many options that will convey a premium feel. This way, employees are more likely to wear the badges in the workplace.

Finally, order the badges and give them to teams as a gift. Continue to keep your doors open for questions and concerns. Your Human Resources Department should play a large role in helping employees understand why a name badge policy is in place. For more information on buying name badges for your business, go to Name Badges International. They offer custom options so you can personalize badges as much as you need.