How to Design Company Name Badges

About Name Badges

While they may seem like a formality, wearing company name badges has become a standard practice. Whether you need badges for a work event or a trade show, however, they’re not all the same. There are some situations where you want badges to have a higher quality look or an option not available on a stock site. This is a guide to help you understand the custom options available when designing company name badges.

How to Design Company Name Badges

Designing Company Name Badges

The first step is deciding on a design that fits into your overall image. It’s important to stay on brand with the company logo, colors, and fonts. This is important because they allow customers to easily identify employees.

Next you must decide on the badge’s content. Your team can decide whether they want their first and last name, their first name and last initial, or simply their first name. The decision depends on whether or not you are more casual or formal with clients. Many employees prefer to have their full name displayed. Company name and title are also included to help individuals identify the right person at the right time.

The final piece is the material. This is the most crucial part of designing a badge, and where you can get most creative. For instance, if you choose a generic or flimsy option, employees might be more reluctant to wear them. Even worse, clients may see “cheap” company name badges as a reflection of your products or services. Crisp, professional looking badges are perfect for corporate environments instead.

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