How Insurance Agents and Brokers Can Win New Business Through Personal Branding

Competition in the insurance industry can be cutthroat. As an insurance broker or agent, your strategy for acquiring new leads must evolve constantly to stay ahead of the rest of your market.

Thinking outside the box can be your best friend when it comes to lead generation. Even though you’re working in a practical industry, you can still execute creative ideas to get your name and personal brand in front of potential clients. Here are some ways to boost your brand and snag new business with name badges and more.

How Insurance Agents and Brokers Can Win New Business Through Personal Branding

Refresh Your Image

You have full control over your image, which makes it a great channel for periodic reinvention. Sometimes all you need to capture attention is to make sure your branding is current and consistent. Make it a habit to reassess your image at the beginning of each fiscal year. Audit aspects such as:

  • Your business name if you operate your own agency.
  • Your logo to ensure it doesn’t look dated and it accurately reflects your brand.
  • Internal and external marketing materials, ranging from business cards to name badges.
  • Signage, including agency or office signage, and any billboards or physical ads you purchase.

Any audit of your image or brand should answer two major questions:

  1. Does all of your branding match and reflect your values as an insurance agent, broker, or agency owner?
  2. Is your branding consistent across all channels? (For example, do your name badges look like they belong to a different agent than your email signature graphic? If so, change that.)

Join the Industry Community

Becoming involved in the community means putting your name and face in front of more people in your industry. This also includes other insurance agencies. These people can refer clients to you when they can’t meet their needs. You can get involved in your local insurance community by:

  • Attend conferences. Regional conferences give you the opportunity to meet and connect with agencies in your greater area, meaning more chances to network.
  • Host events. Volunteer at an insurance industry job fair, or set up a booth at the street festival next summer.
  • Use your voice. Sign up for public speaking opportunities when you purchase a ticket to an industry event. The best way to ensure people remember your business is by using your voice!
  • Cowork. If you’re an independent agent, consider spending some time in a public workspace, or a coworking area. This is another great opportunity to build valuable professional relationships.

Bonus: Many professionals find networking awkward and uncomfortable. However, name badges can help break the ice. Order premium name badges in a larger-than-standard size so that potential business relationships can spot your name from afar.

Build Partnerships

Your local business district is a gold mine of connections. Consider building relationships with like-minded businesses that can refer clients to you. For example, if you sell rental insurance, then visit the local property management company and trade business cards. You can also hang flyers or show up to each other’s events with branded swag. Both parties benefit from the added exposure, bringing you both leads at less cost.

Wear Your Name Badge

How many new faces do you see over the course of a typical day? When you pick up coffee for the office in the morning; when you grab a gyro for lunch; when you stop at the grocery store on the way home… you see dozens of new faces or more, and each one could be a potential client. Make it easier for them to connect with you by wearing a name badge.

Consider buying a premium, large-print name tag that features your title and a tagline that tells people exactly why they should care about what you do. It can be as simple as “Great life insurance at better prices.”

This starts a conversation and ensures that those strangers who could be your next client will actually remember you.

Stay Focused

Once you’ve identified the rebranding strategies that work best for you, it’s time to buckle down and put them into action. For example, auditing your brand doesn’t actually benefit you much unless you make changes happen.

Create a plan with clear steps, and focus on it. One step at a time can get your insurance business to reach new heights, along with better lead acquisition and branding that suits your values as an insurance professional.