Executive Metal Name Badges: The Benefits

Name badges in general have a lot of advantages. They’re a subtle form of advertising. They introduce your employees to your customers and give your company a unified identity.

But what about Executive Metal name badges? These are badges that come with a wide range of color and font options, just like other name badges. However, these are different than traditional plastic ones. Name Badge International offers Executive Metal name badges that come in gold and silver options. Read about the benefits below.

Executive Metal Name Badges The Benefits

About Executive Metal Name Badges

Have you ever ordered plastic name badges from a provider? They can come with a magnetic backing and scratch and fade-proof polyurethane coating. While these are great benefits, you may want your name badges to look a little more upscale. This is especially true if you work in a more corporate environment.

Name Badges International’s Executive Metal name badges are made from actual metal, not metal-colored plastic. Employees love these badges because of their high end look and feel. And just like plastic ones, these can be printed with your company’s name, logo, and more. They are completely customizable.

Reinforce Professionalism

Employees who wear Executive Metal name badges are more aware of their position and their duties, thus enhancing their professionalism. Employees are more likely to behave well in front of clients and customers.

More than that, our Executive Metal name badges and tags are ideal for different types of industries, such as banking, real estate, and legal firms.

For your metal name badges, give our team a call at 1-877-422-0624 or email info@namebadgesinternational.us. You can also simply click the link below to get started designing your own name badge.