How to Sell More Properties With Real Estate Name Badges

When first meeting a potential client, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to appear trustworthy and professional. This is especially true in the real estate business.

Whether you’re an experienced real estate agent, property manager, or you’re just entering the industry for the first time, Name Badges International offers real estate name badges so you can sell more properties. Here are the ways that name badges can make you more competitive in the marketplace.

How to Sell More Properties With Real Estate Name Badges

A Name Badge Success Story

Name badges are walking business advertisements. Jeff Mangus tells Active Rain about getting a $2.8 million dollar listing simply because he forgot to take off his name badge when taking his son to the dentist. Mangus adds, “Now I wear my name badge everywhere I go. You never know who you are going to meet.” The name badge granted Mangus instant authority and professionalism, securing him the listing.

Other realtors were asked why they always wore their name badges. The majority of respondents noted that a name badge is a subtle driver for potential prospects to make inquiries. The name badge is a great example of passive prospecting. Some argue that name badges make realtors look too “retail” and prefer automated lead generation tools. However, potential customers actually view those wearing name badges as more approachable. Any concern of being too “salesy” is allayed with greater leads numbers.

Name Badges International

Name Badges International knows that name badges connote honesty to customers in customer-facing industries. For example, property managers understand that wearing name badges help ease residents’ concerns when entering a residence to perform maintenance. Realtors have a similar experience with name badges. Because name badges are inexpensive, their cost is a small fraction of their added value and their ability to drive sales.

For your real estate name badges, contact the professionals at Name Badges International. We have the experience and the know-how to make sure you look professional, no matter what property you’re selling. To get started designing your name badges, simply click on the link below.