How to Use Hotel Name Badges

There are few companies that set the standard for customer service higher than those in the hospitality industry. Hotels and resorts are in the business of hosting, so it makes sense to do everything possible to make patrons happy. And when guests have certain expectations, teams should stop at nothing to meet them. Implementing a hotel name badge policy is a small detail that makes a big difference. So as you revisit the standards you set for hotel employees, consider these reasons for making sure they all have a matching name badge.

How to Use Hotel Name Badges

Why Use a Hotel Name Badge

Every time a guest comes into contact with a staff member, you want them to associate that conversation or experience with the hotel or resort as a whole. A hotel name badge helps customers identify every employee not only by name, but also as part of a larger team.

When employees wear a hotel name badge, they have a stronger sense of personal accountability. More than that, customers feel more comfortable approaching a staff member who is easily identified. Management may also use this as a method for measuring customer satisfaction and feedback. With this information, management can provide specific training or support to the appropriate employee.

In an environment as large and fast-paced as a resort or hotel, some people may need access to specific areas. Name badges help identify these individuals. It is an obvious indicator of someone’s authority. It is also an indicator of whether or not they should have access to these parts of a hotel or resort.

When it comes down to providing the best possible experience for guests, every detail matters. Often it is small changes, like adding name badges, that trigger larger shifts in customer satisfaction. Name badges will solidify your brand identity, increase your resort or hotel security, elevate customer service, and increase employee accountability. For more information on hotel name badges for your establishment, see Name Badges International. They are an easy addition that have a dramatic effect on your business and more importantly, your customer’s experience.