Four Reasons to Use Name Badges

Many people have different opinions on name badges. Some think they’re good for business while others think that they hamper individuality. However, most business owners know that company name tags perform a vital function. They make your employees identifiable to the customers and that’s a big boon.

At Name Badges International, we’ve found that most people are still reluctant to incorporate name badges or encourage their employees to wear them. Here are some reasons why you should consider asking your employees to wear name badges.

Four Reasons to Use Name Badges


One of the most important aspects of name badges is the fact that they reinforce your identity. In this world of intense competition, that’s vital. When employees wear name tags with a company name or logo clearly visible, it’s a subtle form of advertising. It reinforces your brand in the minds of the customers.

The cost of creating name badges is almost negligible in comparison to other forms of marketing. It takes very little effort as most companies offer online ordering services. It would just take a few minutes to order.


Business name badges encourage a sense of professionalism in the workplace and they do it subtly. It’s easy for employees to forget they’re in the workplace when the environment is very casual. However, a name badge can invoke professionalism without being oppressive and most employees adjust well to that. While there’s nothing wrong with a casual work environment, a name badge will ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand.


Name tags make it easier for employees to recognize people who don’t belong. For example, if your employees are accustomed to seeing fellow employees with name badges, they might be able to spot an anomaly easily. This is especially true for areas that might contain sensitive information. Anyone out of place would be spotted immediately. This helps maintain company security.

Customer Relationship

Company name tags allow people to identify your employees easily, such as their name and job title. This encourages trust and an open dialogue that most customers like and appreciate. Several surveys have revealed that customers prefer interacting with employees that wear name badges.

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