Custom Prestige Plastic Name Tags: A Cost Effective Solution

Cost effective name tags are an absolute necessity for most businesses. They improve customer experience and unify team members, all while fitting into just about any budget. But this doesn’t mean you need to settle for cheap or generic name tags. With Name Badges International, our custom Prestige plastic name tags are cost effective, yet a quality solution. Here’s how they work.

Custom Prestige Plastic Name Tags A Cost Effective Solution

Border Color Options

Name Badges International’s custom Prestige plastic name badges have the option of having different color borders. These border colors can match your company colors, or can be used to add a high-end appeal. They can also help make your name tag more eye-catching.

Unlimited Design Options

When you purchase Prestige plastic name badges, you are given virtually unlimited design options. All of these options are included in your price. This includes text, images, background colors, name tag backing, and border options. Not only are you able to choose what you want, but our online design tool allows you to make these changes on your own. You are able to see an online version of your name tag that you can edit in real time, with no need to wait for approval.

In addition to unlimited design options, when you order custom plastic name tags from Name Badges International, you also get to choose from various name tag styles. This includes name tags in different shapes, reusable name tags, large name tags, and standard name tags.

Fast Shipping

Since we offer an online design tool that gives you complete control over your design, they also are able to offer the fastest shipping and turnaround times in the industry. This is because you can instantly approve your design and production begins almost immediately, which means you can get custom plastic name tags to your door in as little as three days.

With all of the added benefits of our custom plastic name tags, it’s hard to deny that they are a worthy addition to your business. In addition to being cost-effective, they are fully customizable and more importantly, can be in your hands by the end of the week. With the cost and quality already in your favor, the only decision you are left with is how you want your new name tags to look.