Building Business Identity with Corporate Name Badges

When speaking in terms of customer service, business identity, security and marketing, corporate name badges make a big difference. The positive impact of name badges is acknowledged by both managers and employees because of a sense of identity they create on the part of the employee as well as the respective company.

All name badges include a business logo, and thus, contribute to corporate branding. The use of name badges is limited to the office environment; however, they are often worn at outside corporate functions such as the occasional business lunch. The staff members advertise the company to the outside world, and they become the first supporters of special events and campaigns.

Building Business Identity with Corporate Name Badges

Corporate Name Badges

A special moment in the company’s development could be advertised through corporate name badges. The marketing department could change the look of their name tags for a determined period of time upwards to a major event. How is this helpful?

  1. The name badge’s design change provides the company exposure to various current and potential clients.
  2. It enhances brand exposure.
  3. Event-customized name badges also have a positive psychological impact on the staff’s motivation levels. Employees become more intensely aware of the short-term goals ahead and share in the collective effort to support the upcoming event.

Corporate Name Badges by Department

The concept of corporate identity applies not only to the entire company, but also to relations between the positions from within a certain department. Some companies use color codes for various departments to differentiate them as well as show hierarchy. While all the badges carry the company name and logo, every department has its specific color.

  • Easy identification. The use of the color code in name badges allows employees from the same department to identify each other easily in a crowd.
  • Loyalty to the company. The sense of belonging to a well-defined group is extremely important for business growth. Employees perceive themselves as more tightly inter-related within the department. For a company with thousands of employees, one feels like a small fish in a large ocean without this sense of belonging.
  • Better HR management. Color codes for name badges make it easier for the human resources department to control the movement of the staff members throughout the organization. 
  • Enhanced responsibility among employees. The name badge allows the worker to be more easily spotted, and triggers a responsible response from the employee who knows that both his/her positive or negative actions come under notice.
  • Benefits for new employees. Thanks to corporate name badges, many annoying and embarrassing situations can be prevented for new employees. New staff members can more easily figure out the hierarchy of their colleagues within a short period of time.

Name Badges International

The cost of corporate name badges proves to be a trifle if compared to the huge benefits that derive from their use. Suppliers offer discounted prices for special and bulk orders without sacrificing the quality of the materials. All in all, resistant and professional looking name badges provide logo visibility and free advertising wherever your employees wear them.

In addition to brand awareness, they also provide internal cohesion among employees by enhancing their sense of identity. The employee’s loyalty to the company is, in fact, directly related to business identity. Loyal employees are valuable assets that ensure the success of any organization.