About Prestige Plastic Name Badges

Name badges are proven to have a positive effect on businesses and the employees that wear them. They increase customer interaction, improve branding, and create an environment of professionalism. So it should come as no surprise that luxury name badges take that positive impact to an even higher level. And if you can get a luxury name badge for half the cost, you really have no reason not to make the investment.

Name Badges International has witnessed the shifting trends in name badges and watched the luxury name badge rise in popularity. So when our team developed Prestige plastic name badges, we had one intent – create a luxury name badge for half the cost. So what exactly do you get when you opt for a luxury name badge for half the cost? Here’s what’s in store when you order Prestige Name Badges.

About Prestige Plastic Name Badges

Prestige Plastic Name Badges

Prestige Name Badges are fully customizable. They can match your logo or company colors or be used to make your name badge stand out. When you order your name badges, you will have access to an online editing tool that allows you see your colored background in real time, so you can make changes if necessary.

For an even more luxurious look, Prestige Name Badges can come with a metallic brushed silver or brushed gold background. This gives them the look of metallic name badges, but at a more affordable cost.

In addition to the background, you can opt for a colored border. This can be used to match your background or make it stand out. The border gives your name badges a 3-dimensional feel that makes it look higher-end and more professional.

Most importantly, when you order Prestige Name Badges, you are getting a product with a high-end appeal, but at a low cost. Name badges can have a huge effect on your customer’s interaction, so luxury name badges are an absolute must for certain industries. With the ability to order them for half the cost, you make it that much easier to add them to your attire.

With Prestige Name Badges, you can elevate your brand’s appeal without making a huge investment. In addition to fully customizable options, you are able to design your own badge and view the changes in real time, meaning you can truly see all of your options before deciding on the perfect luxury name badge. The design process is simple, the shipping is fast, and the cost is low. This makes the decision easy – Prestige Name Badges are the way to go.