6 Ways Name Badges Set Your Law Firm Apart

There are plenty of benefits to wearing name badges in a professional setting. Not only are they a subtle form of advertising, but they also make any establishment or organization look cohesive and distinguished and help potential clients feel more comfortable starting a conversation.

This simple logic holds true for law firms as well. The general public is often nervous about approaching a firm for legal advice, as they can seem intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with the legal process. Wearing name badges help potential clients feel welcome.

How Name Badges Improve Customer Service

The Benefits of Name Badges at Your Law Firm

1. Offering a Professional and Cohesive look. Whether your law firm is large or small, adding name badges is a great way for law firms to help clients feel at ease. Office personnel who wear name badges not only look professional but also help patrons feel comfortable with approaching and working with your firm.

2. Increasing Brand Visibility and Awareness. Brands and logos play a huge role in the consumer decision-making process. Consumers are more likely to work with a law firm that they know and recognize—even if they have never worked with you before. In order to stand out in the vast sea of law firms, name badges boost brand awareness and overall visibility.

3. Providing a Subtle Form of Marketing. Regardless of whether they are traveling for business, on their lunch break, or just grabbing coffee around the corner, partners and employees wearing visible name badges with the law firm’s name and logo give the public a face.

4. Creating Comfort. It’s clear that name badges come with many benefits. However, perhaps their biggest claim to fame is ensuring a level of comfort as customers step foot into the firm’s office. A friendly, comfortable environment goes a long way in a customer’s mind, and name badges are a simple, easy, cost-effective way to create comfort.

5. Encouraging Staff Accountability and Professionalism. From paralegals and office personnel to interns and cleaning staff, employees are more likely to behave professionally and remain accountable for their actions when they wear name badges. Not only will fellow coworkers, customers, and partners know who they are by name, they will also know their titles, positions, and responsibilities.

6. Improving Security. Most law firms handle mountains of paperwork full of highly confidential information. In order to prevent classified documents from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost, it is important to easily distinguish staff members from patrons or other visitors. This is especially important for large firms.

An Upscale Name Badge For Executives

When you hear the term name badge, you likely think of a polyurethane-coated name-plate or a plastic badge on a lanyard spring. These labels are just a few examples of the different name badge options that are available.

Upscale executive-level badges can come in metal, gold or silver, as well as a wide range of colors. The firm’s name and logo, and the individual’s name and title can all be engraved in a variety of font types.

Regardless of the name badge style you prefer, they are certainly a great way to get your name out there and elevate your brand. If you want to learn more about name badges, or to see what name badges could look like for your firm or business, contact the team at Name Badges International today.