5 Tips for Spreading Workplace Cheer With Holiday Name Badges

Another winter season is here already, and it’s time to deck out your team in festive holiday name badges. In fact, there are many benefits of using holiday name badges in the workplace. First, name badges communicate that you’re invested in your team. A study found that employees would forfeit a $5,000 pay increase if it meant being more engaged at work.

More than that, name badges show clients and potential clients that your company cares about customer relationships. It’s easier for a customer to build a good rapport with a business representative or salesperson when they know their contact by name.

No matter how you use name badges, a celebratory environment effectively fosters workplace morale and feelings of community. So, whether you’re on the fence or just need tips on how to use them around the office, here’s what you need to know.

5 Tips for Spreading Workplace Cheer With Holiday Name Badges

1. Take Advantage of Seasonal Price Drops

This tip is more practical and less focused around holiday cheer, but many name badge manufacturers often run great sales around the holiday season through the end of the year. Shop in November and December when prices are low, and stock up your supply of name badges to get you through the holiday season and beyond. In fact, you can check out the Name Badges International Facebook Page. Our team frequently posts specials you can only find on social media.

2. Name Badges: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Does your company put together holiday gift baskets for your team members? Many teams give out festive gifts at a holiday party early in the season. It’s a common practice that helps boost morale during what can be a stressful time of year. For example, many companies give branded gifts such as T-shirts and water bottles to build community. Why not add a festive name badge to that gift bag?

3. Save Extra With Reusable Name Badges

You might be wincing at the extra cost involved in picking up expensive, short-term name badges that will only be worn for a month or two. This is especially true if you operate in a seasonal or high-turnover industry, such as hospitality or retail. However, Reusable name badges are a great option for these industries. They are typically made of plastic, which makes them durable. Rather than custom-printing or engraving a name, simply use an office label maker to print a transparent label with the team member’s name on it. When your employees transition out, just have them return the name badge. They can be reused for other employees.

4. Choose an Industry-Appropriate Theme

Spend some time deciding what your name badges will look like before you place an order. Consider more than just aesthetics. Think about how the design fits into your brand. You might want to use winter motifs, such as snowflakes or snowmen. You can also use traditional holiday colors such as red, green, silver, or gold.

Be sure to consider what’s appropriate for your business. An ideal name badge design for a fast, casual restaurant business is significantly different from what is an appropriate design for mid and upper corporate.

Other factors to consider include:

Color psychology: Be aware of how the use of colors in your existing brand logo may clash with (or complement) the holiday motifs you choose for the badge.

The business atmosphere: If your offices and dress codes are classy and minimalist, then your holiday badges should follow suit.

The business industry: Consider working your industry into the design. For instance, if you run a bakery, your team can wear name badges with holiday cookie motifs for December.

5. Keep it Simple

As a rule of thumb, choose one icon, image, or motif. Then choose one small color palette that does not clash with your brand’s colors. You don’t need more than that, no matter how festive you think it might be. Why’s that?

Less is more. A single snowman is an adorable focal point. Several focal points, however, might be distracting to the eye. After all, you want employee uniforms to be professional rather than distracting.

● It’s still a name tag. Your team member’s name should be front-and-center and completely visible. Any additional decorations shouldn’t be larger than the text. All in all, icons should be the same height as the font without detracting from the design.

Get into the Holiday Spirit with Name Badges

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