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6 Ways Name Badges Set Your Law Firm Apart

Posted by Erin Gallagher on May 9, 2019 4:17:00 PM

There are plenty of benefits to wearing name badges in a professional setting. Not only are they a subtle form of advertising, but they also make any establishment or organization look cohesive and distinguished and help potential clients feel more comfortable starting a conversation.

This simple logic holds true for law firms as well. The general public is often nervous about approaching a firm for legal advice, as they can seem intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with the legal process. Wearing name badges help potential clients feel welcome.

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6 Ways Name Badges Enhance Customer Experience at Fast Food Restaurants

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Apr 25, 2019 2:07:00 PM

Despite arguments to the contrary, name badges are essential for businesses, particularly those that interact with the public, such as the restaurant and fast food industry.

Custom name badges play a critical role in ensuring that customers have an enjoyable, memorable experience at your establishment. Satisfied customers will recall their experiences with others, which translates into higher profits and a loyal customer base. Here are some ways name badges benefit the fast food industry.

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7 Green Business Hacks to Celebrate Earth Day All Year

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Apr 11, 2019 10:32:00 AM

With the 49th annual Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, businesses are likely thinking about how they can honor Mother Nature—and boost sales.

Studies show that consumers are attracted to and prefer to do business with eco-friendly brands. A recent Nielsen global online study shows that the younger the customer, the more he or she considers the environment prior to making a purchase. Studies have also found that nearly three out of four millennials are willing to pay more for sustainability.

In this article, we will provide you with some sustainable ideas, such as reusable name badges, and other alternatives that your business can do to celebrate Earth Day—all year long. In fact, you might discover that some of these simple improvements can save you time and money.

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6 Ways Name Badges Can Improve Your Religious Organization

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Mar 28, 2019 1:39:00 PM

Whether you are a part of a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other religious group, it is likely that a major focus of your organization is recruiting new members.

Name badges are a hot commodity across the business world, from conferences and workshops to expos and even daily operations. Individuals who wear them benefit by appearing approachable, personable, and also increase awareness and exposure.

Similarly, many places of worship could benefit from wearing badges during various religious events, retreats, and other activities. Name badges can help new members identify existing members and congregation officials. Here are some of the ways your organization can utilize name badges to benefit your leaders, officials, members, and guests.

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Veterinary Name Tags and More: 7 Expert Tips for Uniform Essentials

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Mar 14, 2019 9:57:00 AM

A veterinary office might seem like a dream job for animal lovers. Although it is certainly enjoyable and rewarding, it can also be a dirty job. So it might be difficult helping clinic team members to understand the importance of uniform essentials, such as veterinary name tags

The truth is, in today’s booming pet consumer market, which thrives on boutique culture, pet parents have come to expect a level of personalization and professionalism from their veterinary staff. 

Having a uniform office and staff gives the impression that your office stands above the rest. Think about your company’s logo and branding efforts, and select colorful name tags and uniforms for an ultra put-together look and feel. In this article, we will provide you with seven expert tips for selecting uniform essentials for your veterinary office.

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9 Clever Networking Tips for Beginners

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Feb 28, 2019 9:42:00 AM

If you are a small business owner and are unsure of how to promote your business, and to also stay within your budget, networking just might be the answer to help grow your clientele and increase your foot traffic.

Here are the top nine best ways to network in your community and online to help you take your business to the next level. And don't forget to bring your custom name badge to these events! 

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Why Name Badges Are Important for Parks and Recreation Personnel

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Feb 14, 2019 1:34:00 PM

As a manager of an outdoor park, campground, or facility—whether you’re aiming to enhance customer engagement and relations, improve security, or eliminate staffing problems—name badges have been proven to effectively improve and help these issues, and more.

Name badges have become increasingly popular in outdoor facilities in the last decade. In fact, the National Park Service (NPS) now requires all personnel to display their names as well as the specific department in which they work.

To give you a better picture of how name badges can help improve your outdoor facility, here is a list of the top ways that name badges can help outdoor parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor venues operate more efficiently.

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How Insurance Agents and Brokers Can Win New Business Through Personal Branding

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Jan 31, 2019 11:04:00 AM

Competition in the insurance industry can be cutthroat. As an insurance broker or agent, your strategy for acquiring new leads must evolve constantly to stay ahead of the rest of your market.

Thinking outside the box can be your best friend when it comes to lead generation. Even though you’re working in a practical industry, you can still execute creative ideas to get your name and personal brand in front of potential clients. Here are some ways to boost your brand and snag new business with name badges and more. 

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Name Badges For Country Clubs and Golf Courses

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Jan 17, 2019 12:53:00 PM

If you own or manage a country club, your guests expect a certain professional aesthetic. Dress codes have historically been a part of country clubs and golf clubs since their inception. Members and guests adhere to a certain dress code, and the staff should reflect those rules and serve as a “golden example”.

Uniforms don’t all have to be identical. As long as the uniform style is clean and on brand, then why not allow your staff members to choose from a selection of acceptable basics? For example, you can offer different styles that can be mixed-and-matched, such as polo shirts, cap-sleeve blouses, Bermuda shorts, golf pants, tailored skirts, and more. 

Here's how to use uniforms, and especially name badges, for country clubs and golf courses. 

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How to Polish Up Your Yacht Crew Uniforms

Posted by Erin Gallagher on Jan 3, 2019 11:31:00 AM

Managing a luxurious yacht means that you pay a great deal of attention to detail and appearances. Guests expect the crew accompanying them on their voyage to look clean and professional. Therefore, crew uniforms are one of those “little” details that make a huge impression.

Are you looking for ways to polish up your yacht crew uniforms? Here are some tips on how to do that with name badges and more. 

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