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Name Badges International

Custom Plastic Name Tags Are Cost Effective

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Mar 5, 2018 10:44:10 AM

Cost effective name tags are an absolute necessity for most businesses. They improve customer experience and unify team members, all while fitting into just about any budget. But this doesn’t mean you need to settle for generic name tags. With NBI, even custom plastic name tagsare cost effective. And you truly get to customize them however you want.

If you opt for NBI’s cost effective, custom plastic name tags, here’s everything you get:

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A Luxury Name Badge For Half The Cost

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Feb 19, 2018 10:57:16 AM

Time and again, name badges have proven to have a positive effect on businesses and the employees that wear them. They increase customer interaction, improve branding, and create an environment of professionalism. So it should come as no surprise that luxury name badges take that positive impact to an even higher level. And if you can get a luxury name badge for half the cost, you really have no reason not to make the investment.  


Name Badges International has witnessed the shifting trends in name badges and watched the luxury name badge rise in popularity. So when they developed Prestige Name Badges, they had one intent - create a luxury name badge for half the cost.

So what exactly do you get when you opt for a luxury name badge for half the cost? Here’s what’s in store when you order Prestige Name Badges:

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Magnetic Name Badges vs Pin Name Badges

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Feb 5, 2018 10:07:48 PM

When the time comes to place your name badge order, a big decision needs to be made: how will the badge adhere to your clothing? An old-fashioned pin? Or a magnetic strip? The magnetic name badges vs. pin name badges debate is luckily an easy one to answer, as one style consistently comes out on top: magnetic name badges.


When it comes to the pros and cons of each option, here’s why magnetic name badges have a leg up:

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Reusable Name Badges | When Do You Need Them?

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Jan 21, 2018 4:05:14 PM

Reusable name badges play an important role in the businesses that use them, but when exactly do you need them?  And how do you know if they’re right for you?  Name badges in general have dozens of benefits, but what makes reusable name badges so special?


The answer is simple - and you may be surprised by how versatile they are! Here’s how you know if reusable name badges are right for you:

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Custom Name Badges: How NBI Is Better Than the Competition

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Jan 11, 2018 1:21:16 PM

When it comes to custom name badges, it’s hard to beat the service, quality, and price you’ll get with Name Badges International (NBI).  Competitors may make promises, but they often don’t deliver.  NBI knows that a happy customer is just as important as a high-quality product - and without one, you can’t have the other.  So when it comes to choosing a company to trust, NBI far surpasses any other options.

Need proof? Here’s just a sampling of how NBI is better than the competition:

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Why Name Badges Are So Important

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Dec 1, 2017 10:40:00 AM

Few investments provide the immediate impact that name badges do. The fact that the cost and effort to create name badges is so low only makes this investment more worthwhile.


But these are not the only reasons that name badges are so important. Aside from the cost and low time commitment, name badges have a significant and positive impact on customer retention, acquisition, and overall customer service.


So if you’re on the fence about the importance of name badges, consider these reasons for adding them to your attire:

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Benefits of Magnetic Name Badge Holders

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Nov 6, 2017 1:55:48 PM

When you wear a name badge everyday (and especially if your business depends on it), the look and feel of it becomes more important than ever. Not only is it a part of your attire, it’s a representation of who you are. It’s the first thing your customer will see and it is often what they will think about when they try to remember your name. And since you will be wearing this all day, every day, it’s important that you’re comfortable and looking your best.


For these reasons, the hardware that attaches your name badge to you - the magnetic strip, pin, or clip - becomes an important choice. It affects the way your name badge is viewed, how it feels on you, and its durability. It may seem like a small decision, but there’s more to it than you think!


So before you make the wrong decision, consider these reasons for opting for a magnetic name badge holder over a pin or clip:

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Metal Name Badges: Real Metal vs. Competitor’s Quality

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Sep 29, 2017 10:20:44 AM

If you’re looking for the best of the best in the world of name badges, metal is your top choice. It’s hard to compete with the quality of metal name badges, especially when they’re customized to look exactly as you want them to.


There’s only one problem with metal name badges and it has nothing to do with the material itself. That problem is that too many companies sell metal name badges that aren’t made of real metal.


When you order metal name badges, you should get metal name badges. That is what NBI offers and with the promise of real metal comes the attributes of metal that set it apart from the competition: durability, longevity, and a high-end appeal.


When you consider real metal vs. competitors’ quality, opting for NBI’s metal name badges is a no-brainer. Here’s what you get with NBI metal name badges that most competitors just can’t promise:

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10 Quick Tips About Custom Name Badges

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Sep 22, 2017 11:39:16 AM

No matter how small or large, every investment into your business requires thought, consideration, and ultimately the right decision. Name badges are no different. Do you get generic ones? Or specialty? Ones just for you? Or for your whole team? Should they match your logo? Or stand out from your shirt?


The questions can be endless, but one thing is for sure - custom name badges let you do it all. And when you use NBI’s design platform, the customization becomes even easier.


If you’re not sure whether it’s worth it (or even why it’s worth it), these 10 quick tips about custom name badges will show you exactly what’s in store for you:

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Why We Love Plastic Name Badges (And You Should Too!)

Posted by Nikki Schilling on Sep 19, 2017 3:31:06 PM

Imagine this: You’re in the last week of preparation for the biggest event of the year. You’ve gone through your checklist 100 times, but in the end you realize you’ve forgotten one very important thing: name badges. You need professional-looking name badges, durable enough to withstand travel and activity, inexpensive enough to fit into the budget you’ve already blown, and they need to be in your hands within the week.


The pit in your stomach vanishes when you discover the solution: custom plastic name badges that can be in your hands within the week. They give you plenty of time to create your own design, customize the look, and you can actually afford them. This is exactly why we love plastic name badges (and you should too!). They’re fast, inexpensive, durable, and look exactly as you want them to. 

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